Steps To Buying


Buying a home is likely the largest and most important investment you will ever make. Understanding the mortgage process will help you make more informed decisions and feel more confident throughout the process.

To make the process of securing a mortgage a little simpler, we have teamed up with 2 preferred lenders, Pinnacle Financial Partners and Suntrust Mortgage.

We hand picked these 2 Loan Officers because of their knowledge and experience, plus they are both dog people.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using our preferred lenders:

Timely Closing. One huge frustration that many homeowners may experience is a delay in closing. This is often due to an oversite by a lender in obtaining all of the documentation required. Because we have long standing relationships with our preferred lenders, they are very experienced in our process and we know what to expect from them. This translates into a great working relationship and your house closing without delays from the mortgage company.

Reliable. If you choose your own lender, you may not know what you are getting yourself into with the relationship. You may have a great experience, but you may also be largely ignored. Our preferred lenders know and appreciate how important this process is to you, so you can count on them to respond to all of your questions promptly. Building a new home is not a common event for most people, so you might have a lot of questions. We know that we can count on our preferred lenders to be there for you every step of the way.

Consistent Appraisals. Every lender will have their own process and guidelines for hiring appraisers. As a result, some lenders may not even use qualified appraisers. This can result in the appraiser for your home not being familiar with new construction, current value trends, or home prices in the areas. An appraiser unfamiliar with some of these factors may underestimate the value of your home, resulting in you having to bring additional funds to closing in order to secure the mortgage. Our preferred lenders thoroughly vet their appraisers and only use licensed and experienced appraisers.

Choosing to secure your mortgage through our Preferred Lenders will guarantee you will receive your keys at the time of closing. If you do not use a preferred lender, you will not receive your keys until after the loan closes and the deed records. We also offer a credit towards options or closing costs or options as an extra incentive to use our Preferred Lenders.